Mass Notification for Schools

Keep your school community informed and connected, from everyday events to a crisis.

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A leading provider of emergency notifications and incident management solutions - SwiftReach successfully delivers millions of critical alerts with the utmost reliability and speed.

SwiftReach, a Rave Mobile Safety Company, helps thousands of clients in local government, K-12 education, utility, and enterprise coordinate emergency response efforts, and make decisions quickly when disaster strikes. Reach thousands when seconds count.

  • Rock-Solid Notification Delivery Network With geo-redundant data centers to ensure performance and availability, SwiftReach's network is designed exclusively for delivering critical alerts with unmatched speed and reliability.

  • Packed Full of Critical Communication Tools From mobile apps to automated alerts, our comprehensive feature set is available to every customer with unlimited usage.

  • 24/7 - Customer Support Providing superior, live support and a dedicated client manager to ensure every client's success.

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Our products

SwiftReach offers a suite of easy-to-use emergency communication tools designed to keep everyone safe and informed during critical events.

swiftk12 emergency notification software dashboard

School Notification

Learn how to keep students safe and parents informed with our SwiftK12 school notification system.

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swiftapi emergency communications system

API Integration

Integrate our robust communications solution within your own application.

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