Customer Success Stories

"Swift911 has really helped us be proactive in our communication with residents. We use Swift911 for a variety of different events like boil water advisories, severe weather alerts, hazmat spills and checking on the safety of our elderly population. It’s an incredibly reliable tool that’s really easy to use."

Chris Grimes - Deputy Director

"Swift911 is a very valuable tool for us. We use it to inform residents of ice dams, road closures, inclement weather…and continue to find new reasons to use it. The availability of SwiftReach’s support staff is amazing – they even contact us before big weather events to offer additional training sessions. Very proactive!"

Lucy Morgan

"The Swift911 system makes it easy for the City of La Porte to get important information to our residents as quickly as possible. The amount of options available with the system, combined with the exceptional customer support SwiftReach provides, has made Swift911 an excellent resource for our community."

Kristin Gauthier - Emergency Management Coordinator

"Swift911™ is the fastest emergency notification system we have ever used. We house over 900,000 residents and the success rates on message delivery are unmatched!"

LT. Matthew J. Tiedemann - Office of Emergency Management

"SwiftReach has far exceeded our expectations! We have used it many times. The fast and reliable network has never failed us. We plan to use SwiftReach for a very long time!"

Phil Amtower - Director

"We’re very happy with the system. Customer Support is TERRIFIC"

Chief Chuck Scherb

"We have received only positive feedback from everyone using this system with respect to ease-of-use and the support received by the technical staff at SwiftReach. I highly recommend SwiftReach's Swift911™ platform to those considering the purchase of an alert system."

"The State of Colorado purchased the Swift911™ system specifically for alerting state employees of disasters and emergencies. SwiftReach was the clear standout in the RFP process and has exceeded our expectations in ease of implementation and use of the system."

Fran Santagata - Preparedness Program Manager

"SwiftReach’s Customer Service Team has been even more impressive. Every time we’ve had a question their professionals have been there to help. Our experience with SwiftReach has been extremely positive."

"Denver 911 has utilized Swift911™ since March of 2015. We have been extremely satisfied with the reliability of their system. The successful delivery rate of immediate neighborhood notifications has exceeded our expectations. We continue to find ways to expand the reach of our communication to our customers through the SwiftReach tool."

Ernest Franssen - Police Dispatch Operations Manager