Keep Residents Safe and Informed with Real-Time Emergency Alerts.

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During an emergency, municipalities, public safety officials, and law enforcement agencies must have an efficient and reliable way to communicate with residents, staff and local businesses.

policeman responding to emergency
  • Geographically-Targeted Alerts Allows public safety officials to alert residents within a defined geographic area.

  • Automated Weather Alerts Customizable severe weather alerts direct from the National Weather Service.

  • Multiple Opt-In Methods Residents can sign up by downloading the mobile app or accessing the web portal.


Our emergency notification systems Swift911™ and Rave Alert™ provide local, county and state governments with an extremely valuable communication tool to keep residents safe and informed during a crisis.

  • Improve Emergency Response Times
  • Real-time visibility and control over the entire message delivery process.
  • Promote Community Engagement
  • Ensure Public Safety
  • Simple Pricing Plans to Maximize Budgets
  • Reduce Staff Overload
  • User-Friendly Mass Notification Tools
  • Send alerts in residents' preferred languages using the multi-lingual translation tool.
  • Packed Full of Features
  • From one intuitive interface, municipalities can easily send alerts via voice, text, email, social media as well as RSS and IPAWS.
  • Integrated Two-Way Communication
  • Flexible Contact Management
  • High Capacity Hotline
  • IPAWS Integration
  • Outbound emergency conference calling - Get any group of contacts on a call bridge in seconds.
  • Robust Reporting
  • Incident Manager
  • Mobile App
  • Incident Management
  • Tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, flooding, severe storms.
  • Police Activity
  • Terrorist Threats
  • Lockdown, active shooter, fire drills, power outages.
  • Community Messages
  • Public Events
  • Road Construction & Traffic Updates

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