Swift911 Provides Faster Emergency Alerts in Elk County, Pennsylvania

Swift911 Public App

Elk County and St. Marys residents have a new way to be alerted about emergencies faster – Swift911. Swift911 is a service that sends emergency notifications to a resident’s phone or email. It will be used for things like severe weather, road closures and missing person alerts.

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Dispatchers, Local Officers Use Swift911 to Help Lost Child in Tompkins County

Tomkins County Swift911 Customer

A lost child wandering on the side of Route 79 early one morning was safely reunited with his family with the help of several local officers, the county’s Swift911 alert system and coordination from the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response.

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Evacuations Made Easier: Beaver County, Pennsylvania Loves Swift911

Evacuation Route-Emergency Alerts

“Evacuating an area used to mean first responders going door to door to alert residents to leave an area. However, with the county’s Swift911™ notification system, an evacuation notice can be sent out to people’s cellphones with the touch of a button.” – Beaver County Emergency Services.

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City of Milford Switches to Swift911 For Efficiency & Usefulness

The city of Milford has made the switch to Swift911™, as it is more efficient and useful! Residents can choose what alerts to sign up for, making sure they will not be inundated with messages they don’t want to see.

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Local Georgia Judge Saves Child with Help from Swift911

Incredible story from Forsyth, GA. The County used Swift911™ to spread a missing child notification to residents in the area, which ultimately led to a local Judge finding the boy and bringing him to safety.

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Borough of West View Switches to Swift911 Emergency Notification System

“The system is one way for us to use technology to make it easier for residents and business owners to receive communications from the borough,” said chief of police. The Borough of West View are happy they made the switch to Swift911™!

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Victoria County, Texas Prepares for Hurricane Season with Swift911

Victoria County is prepared for Hurricane Season. The county encouraged residents to register with Swift911™ to quickly receive important emergency and non-emergency alerts and notifications.

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Citizens of Rio Blanco County in Colorado Benefit from Switch to Swift911

Rio Blanco County just switched to Swift911™! Read more about why they made the switch, and how citizens will benefit from it.

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