SwiftReach's Patent Pending Lockdown Incident Management Tool

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SLIM™ (SwiftReach Lockdown Incident Management) allows staff members of any building to trigger a lockdown through a mobile app, panic button or text message. This trigger can immediately alert all staff, local law enforcement, as well as any defined contacts such as other buildings and surrounding homes.

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  • For Malls Enables direct communication between security personnel and both shoppers and retail employees.

  • For Schools Allows staff members of any school building to initiate a One Button Lockdown.

  • For Enterprise Organizations can plan and manage emergency communications and response efforts more effectively.


SLIM™ provides law enforcement and incident command access through a mobile app and desktop console. First responders gain real-time visibility and interactivity on the scene during a lockdown using the SLIM™ Responder app.

  • Unprecedented real-time dynamic floor plans including video feeds, photographs and communication with building occupants.
  • Initiate One-Button Lockdown
  • Drastically improve response to emergency situations like active shooter, lockdowns, or severe weather.
  • Ensure Public Safety
  • Broadcast messages to all occupants in a building or floor. Alert law enforcement and the surrounding public residential areas.
  • Minimize Disruption
  • Optimize Triage Management
  • Comprehensive log of all events for after-action analysis and legal proceedings.
  • Simple Pricing Plans to Maximize Budgets
  • Building status indicated by real-time room color changes and threat icon overlays.
  • Provide apps to building occupants and first-responders.
  • High Capacity Inbound Hotline
  • Strobe light, IP Cameras, IP Phones, PA System, Key Card Systems.
  • Robust Post-Incident Reporting
  • Multiple Communication Methods
  • Communicate with building occupants discreetly through SMS text messages or chat.
  • Chat through SLIM™ to one person, an entire floor, or everyone in the building.
  • Active Shooter
  • Lockdowns or Lockouts
  • Missing Children
  • Shoplifting
  • Fires, fire drills, power outages, lockdowns.
  • Incident Management

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