School Lockdown Incident Management

SwiftReach Allows Staff Members of Any School Building to Initiate a Lockdown

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How Your School Benefits

SwiftReach, a Rave Mobile Safety Company, allows staff members of any school building to initiate a One Button Lockdown through a mobile panic button app. This tool immediately alerts 9-1-1, police and staff members. By incorporating SwiftReach into your existing procedures, you will improve the execution of your emergency plans in times of crisis as well as create a sense of safety and security for your staff, your students and the community.

Rave Panic Button
  • Panic Button Mobile App A mobile app used by school staff to communicate with 9-1-1 dispatch, law enforcement and designated staff in real time during an emergency event.

  • Web-Based Incident Command Dashboard Monitor and manage emergency situations in real time with access to floor plans, incident type and location.

  • QuickSend Messaging The ability to send updates to mobile app users to provide key information and instructions as incidents unfold.


SwiftReach, a Rave Mobile Safety Company, allows staff members of any building to trigger a lockdown through a panic button mobile app to immediately call 9-1-1 and alert all staff, local law enforcement, as well as any defined contacts such as other buildings or board of education members. SwiftReach will revolutionize how you respond to emergencies and automatically turn your plans into action.

  • Quickly and easily initiate a lockdown with the panic button app.
  • Instant Situational Awareness
  • Close Partnership with Public Safety
  • 9-1-1 and first responders are notified sooner and have greater situational awareness through the panic button activation.
  • Simple Pricing to Maximize Budgets
  • Integrates with access controls, PA systems, video management systems and emergency notification systems.
  • Panic Button Mobile App
  • QuickSend Messaging Capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting for after-action analysis and planning.
  • Multiple Communication Channels
  • Active Shooter Scenarios
  • School Lockdowns or Lockouts
  • Fires, fire drills, power outages, medical emergencies.
  • Incident Management
  • Missing Students