SwiftK12 for PowerSchool

Fully-Integrated Mass Notification System for PowerSchool Users

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SwiftK12™ is sold and supported by Alert Solutions, our education division. Alert Solutions is a PowerSchool ISV partner, enabling our SwiftK12™ school notification system to be completely embedded within your PowerSchool application using a single sign-on. Alert Solutions is also now part of Rave Mobile Safety.

SwiftK12 mass notification system
  • Seamlessly Integrated within PowerSchool Send alerts to parents, students and staff using real-time contact information from PowerSchool.

  • Parent Call-back Hotline Set a recorded message to play when parents call back – Keeping your staff and main phone lines free.

  • Quick Alerts Expedite the delivery of emergency alerts using stored, ready-to-send message templates.


SwiftK12™ allows users to leverage the full demographic capabilities within PowerSchool. Whether it’s your existing groups or current selections built in seconds, our integrated mass notification system provides schools with the ability to communicate in a more relevant manner.

  • Use your existing PowerSchool login credentials to access SwiftK12.
  • Streamline Report Card Distribution
  • It's as simple as activating the link provided.
  • Improve Parent Involvement
  • Use real-time contact information every time a message is sent.
  • Go Green!
  • Send messages to students and parents from directly within PowerTeacher.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Automatically deliver secure documents, like report cards, to student families.
  • Automated Alerts
  • Set a recorded message to play when parents call back.
  • Multi-Language Translation Tool
  • Anti-bullying monitoring and management platform.
  • Robust Reporting
  • Incident Management
  • Unexpected School Closures & Delays
  • Active Shooter Events & Lockdowns
  • Automatically notify parents of student grades.
  • Sporting Events & Fundraisers
  • Report Card Delivery
  • Teacher-Student Communication
  • Public Events

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